About The Team

The team that makes the game with a fiery passion!!!! <3

The team


Lead Programmer - [IridiumBased] President

Siegfre has poured countless hours and hard effort into this project, continuing to out-do himself with every small update he makes. He has pushed the game as far as it has gotten today, and helped maintain the dedicated community we have.

The team


3D Artist - [IridiumBased] Producer

Lee has been a dedicated artist and storyteller during most of his life and through the development process. Although Lee is not as tech savvy as the rest of the team, he has pulled through with great 3D models and concepts for the game. ----------- ------------ -

The team


Deveoper - [IridiumBased] Gameplay Developer

Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Aryth has helped shape the battle mechanics and balancing in not only the classes themselves but all around combat and interactions. ---------- ------------------------------- ----------- ---

The team


[IridiumBased] Cinematographer

Allen has spent many years editing and creating videos. His editorial skills with combined with other staffs directional and animation talents, together they've created wonderful cut-scenes. ---------- ----------- ----------------- ------------ ----------------- -

Who are we?

Our development team have known each other for many years, mostly through the same website we grew up with as gamers and developers. Although we developed different professional paths, we all agree that our true desire is to design games, and we will not stop until we are able to do just that.