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 Jun 30, 2014 - World

A dungeon is located at the center of every field in [TheWorld]. Even so, while every field has a dungeon, there will be cases where the dungeon is not always accessible, and the entrance is not perfectly obvious. The difficulty of the dungeon will be based on the difficulty of the field it exists in, and the strength of the boss that dwells below.

The dungeon’s boss is also the commander of all the monsters in the dungeon. Commanders have internal power struggles that cause changes in the dungeon’s layout, traps, treasure, quests, and difficulty. And you may end up inadvertently getting caught in some of it yourself. In addition to this outside conflict, the dungeons will reflect some of the personality of the boss that dwells there. Does a dragon with a lust for gold dwell at the center of the dungeon? This dungeon may be a bit more immaculate than other dungeons. Is it the home of an ethereal demon lord? You may find less loot to break open, and more unsettling decorations scattered about.Because of these power struggles, dungeons may be restructured as frequently as once per day, or as little as once every few months.

Other than monsters, dungeons can be littered with traps, environmental hazards, and tricks. Whether it’s low visibility, trap doors, lava, out of place monsters, other players, or mimics; there’s plenty to watch out for during your adventure.

Every field is littered with structures dedicated to different deity’s. The deity with the most influence, controls the level of chaos in the field. Chaos is a measure of how much conflict is present in a given field, the field’s overall consistency, how items are bestowed, and the temperament of the monsters/bosses that enter the field.

Gött Statue
At the lowest level of the dungeon, passed the dungeon’s boss, lies the Gött statue room. A room dedicated to the deity that presides over the field above. The room contains great treasure for anyone that reaches it. This also is the only room that a player can warp out of the dungeon from without the aid of a Sprite Ocarina.


The Gött statue reward is an offering from the dungeon’s boss to the land’s deity; inside the chest contains their most prized possession. They make this offering in the hope that they will receive blessings from the deity, and avoid being cursed.

Dungeons are not instanced, they are persistent. If you logout in a dungeon, you will login where you last left off. So be sure to bring plenty of Sprite Ocarinas so that you can warp out if need be. There are almost as many dungeons as there are fields. With the large volume of dungeons, and the changing dynamics of the world, dungeons will be consistently unique experiences.

Dungeon layouts can vary wildly. A typical dungeon can have between one and six floors. With floors varying in complexity based on the bosses whim. A dungeon floor could be massive with twists, loops, dead ends, sleights, shortcuts, quests, secret rooms, and more. Or the floor could be straight shot with just a few rooms branching off the main path.

Obscured Dungeons
Hidden or locked dungeons. Rare dungeons that require special abilities, items, or information to enter. These dungeons are not for the faint of heart; dungeons are generally sealed for good reason.

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