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Show Your Support for our Cause

Show Your Support for our Cause

  1. Perks
  2. Perks
  3. $5 Badge

    "Gain a forum badge to show off your support for the project. In addition, you'll gain access to a backer-only UI skin."

  4. $15 Basic

    "Previous Items + Access to private game updates and detailed developer blogs."

  5. $25 Name Access

    "Previous items + Reserve a character name before release."

  6. $40 Early Access

    "Previous items + Early Access to CLOSED Alpha/Beta testing! Receive the in-game title "[Username] The Charitable""

  7. $50 Customizer

    "Previous items + Access to hidden customization features upon character creation, and a copy of the game's soundtrack."

  8. $75 Contributor

    "Previous items + a contributor-only outfit and a pet that will follow you everywhere! Receive the in-game title "Supporter of the Realm""

  9. $100 Collector

    "Previous items + Print outs of concept art, posters, and an increased inventory in-game. Become immortalized with your name inscribed into an in game monument. You will also be able have the ability to use a special Beast race."

  10. $150 Designer

    "Previous items + you will receive a custom guild banner. You will also get to design a monster that will go into the game. Receive the in-game title "Keeper of the Realm""

  11. $200 Lore Lover

    "Previous items + Book of lore for the game. Your name will be added to the credits."

  12. $300 Fan

    "Previous items + Naming of an important NPC and an IridiumBased T-shirt. A copy of the developer documentary, detailing our progress, as well as re-telling what's already gone into making this game. Receive the in-game title "Sacred Guard of the Realm""

  13. $400 Guild Member

    "Previous items + a private gondola for you and your guild to travel around in."

  14. $500 Fighter

    "Previous items + Custom starting weapons that will be made especially for contributors. In addition, you will receive an original drawing from The World Producer, Lee. Receive the title "High Priced Title!""

  15. $750 Team Player

    "Previous items + The team will work with you to create a completely unique boss monster of your own. You will also be given a free pass to the Beta launch party."

  16. $2000 Creator

    "Previous items + Fully custom character -- will work with staff on creating the character the way they want. Receive the title "[Username] Aryth's High Wizard""

  17. $5000 Unique Player

    "Previous items + Custom locomotion animations (walk, run, sit, expressions, etc...) or custom weapon animations. You will also receive a custom weapon skin that can be used multiple times. Receive the title "[Username] Siegfre's Chosen Hero""

  18. $10000 Investor

    "Previous items + Meeting the team members in person, having lunch, discussing the details/plans of project, pictures etc... Also, the team will have monthly video conferences with you -- filling you in and answering questions about the development of the game. You will also gain additional options that will allow you to organize large server-wide events. Receive the in-game title "[Username] Keramory's Number 1 Fan!""

Help "[TheWorld]" become a reality

Help "[TheWorld]" become a reality

We at IridiumBased have confronted the challenge of bringing to life a beautiful living world, a game world that bridges the gap between the reality of life, and the fantasy it portrays. Our quest is not easy. It has never been easy, and it never will be easy, but we will find a way, together. Thank you for all the support, donations, and time that you have given to make this game great.

Stretch Goal - $7,000: ULTIMATE An extra pre-game service before logging into [TheWorld] that will be built into the patcher. Named ULTIMATE, players can send messages to others, check the news, and use a message board exclusively for online users without leaving the patcher itself.

Stretch Goal - $9,000: Emotiv functioning with [TheWorld]. Emotiv will give players the option of controlling their character, and interacting with the environment entirely with their mind. We believe adding this technology will allow players to experience interaction in a whole new way. [Emotiv integration will be done when the new SDK releases in 2014 if stretch goal is met.]

Stretch Goal - $12,000: Oculus Rift functioning with [TheWorld]. Reaching this goal will allow us to put resources towards integrating [TheWorld] with the amazing Oculus Rift, which will provide players with a 3D environment that they can view naturally.

Stretch Goal - $16,000: The exclusive sword "Tyrfing" will be given to everyone who donated up until this point. This sword reaches it's full potential when blessed by the God Titan, rippling the earth and air with it's astonishing power. Titan has promised this sword to all those destined to follow his path, and alter the very foundation of TheWorld.

Stretch Goal - $18,000: The exclusive armor set "Loricatus Garbh, Fianna" will be given to everyone who donated up until this point. The presence of ancient warriors can be felt by all those who don this set. This set has symbolized loyalty, strength, and power since the time of the elves. Even the wretched creations of Luna are obliged to recognize it's overwhelming presence.

Stretch Goal - $20,000: Summon the creatures of the "Aos Si", the beings that live beyond the barriers and gates, the formless shadows of those who've died across the ages. A special skill set will be added to the game that will allow players to summon these entities. Those that venture into the depths of TheWorld will find the beings of the Aos Si, their sorrow, their pain, and their desire for revenge will manifest itself in a physical form for those who recognize their burden.

Stretch Goal - $30,000: Replace the games textures and models with AAA quality versions. We will have new maps drawn up and created for all of the Root Towns (old and new), and the towns will be revamped to better represent the their intended scale.

Our Goal: $30000

Our Goal: $30000

$21734.97 - 72% done

The Donor List

The Donor List

Folks Who Showed Their Support

Folks Who Showed Their Support

Look forward to finally getting a chance to jump into The World I always wanted to play as a kid, hope you guys achieve great things!


may the odds be with you

From on GM to another. Sadly, likely the most I'll be able to donate, but I'm glad to have given my support.

I've been a huge fan since the games first came out. My first anime experience was .hack//Sign. Can't wait to play this game!!

I hope this opens soon

Look forward to seeing some updates!

im back and looking forward to development

Looking Forward to this game~!

Rozario was here.

Danny Hutchins


I can't wait to see this reach fruition!

I am Silver Knight, and I look forward to playing this game. I shall be donating more when finances are available to me.

Looks great, can't wait to try it out!!

Easton Beeler

Very promising game. Looks great!


the world

Thanks to dev for the awesome game

Great Concept!

I really hope this game successeds! I used to play a 2D alpha game of .HACK , but I lost the forum and this game Looks Like it will be GREAT!

I am KingTwilight

I'm really excited to see this develop!

I always thought 'The World' from .hack would make a cool game. Can't wait to get in and try it out for myself. Keep up the awesome work.

To the prosperity of The World!

Matthew Scoggins

Hark! He of fair eyes!
Let us join in an adventure!

I've been waiting for a game like this for years! I have faith in you, Development staff.

I hope this game changes the world and never gets .hacked.

Tossing my hat in the ring for this one, hope it continues to grow.

I can't wait for this to be finished already!!


I'm so excited for this! I cant wait for the world to be a real thing!

Looking really great!!


The nostalgia is real!

Creeping creeping closer to that goal


Here to support the game for a long time.

I've been following this game for a long time now and i'm finally financially comfortable enough to donate. I'm so happy to see how far the game has came and I look forward to playing with the awesome community in the future.

Please email my alpha key @

I like the way you've taken an interesting idea, and made it your own. Great work! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

I love this project and cannot wait for it to be fleshed out!


As a huge .hack// nerd, I'm really looking forward to playing this!

As a big .hack fan, I'm super excited to join in and see TheWorld flourish! :)

send code to

My dream come true!!!!! Been wiggling and giggling in my chair waiting for it to download

I am truly impressed with the work being done here. I wish I could give more than $50!

Lacey LeBlanc

Keep Up The Good Work!!!

May the game be a huge success!

Lee Jia Ray

Let's do this

Keep up the excellent work! ^.^

Hello :)

Love "The World" as a whole! Cant wait to start playing~

I waited for a game like this forever, i played the ps2 version's and watched the animes, up until now, i thought everyday, "this is The perfect game". Thank you for making my dream a living reality. -the comas! thanks

The Last Last Melon?

This has been a dream since the first PS2 game, godspeed.

Kyzaro again :D I Hope i can help


I Hope your Game starts out great :D !

Thank you all so much for the opportunity to play this game I am absolutely excited for the endless possibilities it may hold.

Can't wait to play! :)


I hope this game shines.

Love the progress guys! ^_^

Can't wait to see where this game goes.

that makes $50 donated! Keep up the amazing work. Seriously impressed with the quality of work that has gone into the game so far.

Huzzah! Have another dollar! If I could give you the remaining 2 cents on my pre-paid card, I would! :D

One day I'll donate more than a dollar at a time..Until then, keep up the good work! ^-^

The road to 17k has begun...

No more respect to give. You have it all.

Anthony Dennis (Sasuke)

I'm really happy to see the progress made since joining in 2012 (also there is no website with the domain

Walter Hill (Winter)

I love the idea of this project, and hope for big things from the final product. I'm excited to become part of this project

This game looks so good. I wish the best for it and its developers.

I love this game, I have been a fan of the series since i saw the ads in magazines before playing, and I hope to help you guys bring this dream to life. I will continue to donate as much as possible! Also if you need art/designs im your gal :)

.hack was and is by far my favorite video game and anime! I can't wait to see everyone in The World!

Let's have fun ~

I loved .hack, and I'd like to see The World actually become a reality...minus the going into a coma in real life, that would suck. Keep up the good work guys!

Hoping for an amazing game!

Hello iridium based! from what I've gathered, your team is working hard to make one of my favorite childhood fantasy mmorpgs a true reality. Thank you for your continued effort! i look forward to testing the game and its developmental features.

Hope its good

Hope it turns out well, eh?

Good cause

It's for a good cause :)
Can't wait to see this game when its finally done!

Glad I could help keep up the good work and make this game well worth the effort.

Can't wait to see this game completed!

Can't wait to go on the game! I've been hoping someone would make it for a long time!

I will see all of you in The World.

Welcome to the World.

I am Pickle


It's amazing how much progress I've watched through out the years, Finally able to contribute. I love you guys and keep up the good work

I hope the game turns out well.

Looking forward to Playing and working with everyong

I've waited a long time for this game to become a reality and I'll do all I can to help out!

Im so excited this is a dream come true that this is happening and with oculus rift support as well that just makes things even better good thing i got my DK2

Interested in what this game could become.

This will be awesome


I am so excited to help out a project that is inspired by a large portion of my childhood AND is Open Source!

Felt like checking this, who knows perhaps I'll run into an old friend...

I have always wished for someone to remake the World and so I have to support this plus I cant wait to try it out with occulos rift

I am so glad i was able to donate, This project has got me really excited and i feel it could truly give us the World experience we have been waiting for. Hopefully i am able to test this great project.

Been waiting to try this out for a long, long time. Finally had enough spare cash to donate for Alpha/Beta key! Can't wait to participate in this great game's testing! >:D

Death approves of this game, and eagerly awaits the beta. Death hopes to see you soon as well!

I've been a fan of .hack ever since I was a teen, I absolutely loved the games, and now I hear about this, I really want to play so badly!

I can't wait to see what the full release of this game looks like, and until then I'll be enjoying the alpha/beta releases. Also, A massive thanks to the devs and staff of this game for making it happen.

As a long time fan of the series, it brought a tear to my eye when i found this site years ago. Now i can support and enjoy this dream project that i cant stop thinking about.

looking forward to see how this game develops :3

I cant wait to play!

Love what you're doing and I can't wait for this to be a fully functioning game.

The one and only son of Deepwater Dave is behind this game 100 precent. I look forward to seeing this game to the end.

Devin Smith , Sentaki

I am looking forward to helping this project become something big!

I'm so glad this game is actually coming to fruition! Thank you guys so much for actually going through with this, I hope every penny helps!

I really love the .Hack games and manga, and i can't wait to see the end product you guys have planned.

Been monitoring this game's development for a long, long time and I'm happy to see it's coming along. Happy to contribute.


I have been dying to donate to you guys and I finally got paid :D

To all you .hackers out there.

I need me a .hack// Style MMO

.hack// fan for years. I used to lurk through the old CC forums.

Good luck, sorry it took some time to donate. Oculus Rift support will be epic.

Been following this since I saw the preview on YouTube. Good luck you guys!

Being a fan of .Hack. Seeing something like this i wanted to help it along to completion.

I am in love with the idea!

:D can't wait to see the finished product

It's been a long time, it's good to be back.

Can't wait to see this finished!

I just hope I can watch this blossom into something truly spectacular!

I can't wait to see what amazing things this game will create and hold for the future!!!

Good Luck and can't wait to enjoy this awesome game!!!

can't wait to see The World come to life

More thank happy to donate. Expect more in the future, this is only the first of many. :3

Looking forward to a .hack inspired game.

This looks amazing I cant wait to see how this game comes together since i am a huge .hack fan and i will love to see this game come to life since you have recreated it completely. :3

I hope you get done with this game soon! I really want to try out this game just from the pointer it's a fan-made version of "the world" and the progression from 2005 from now really looks hype!

Can't wait to play!


i hope this helps i will try to donate more when i get more funds

This is for you Damian, My body is ready! (p.s i don't have a website so i borrowed yours)

This i can really get behind

Taylor Paden

We need more of this kind of thing

Fun Fun FUn

The Cpl Surviver

Hi i want in

Woohoo finally donated :D

Excited to see this come to life!!

This game will become great I can tell. Keep up on the work dudes.

I just wanted the access key.. o:

YAAAY!!! Key prox c:


Looking forward to it!

Can't wait!

Keep up the good work guys.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to this!

cant wait

Thanks for making this! Can't wait to get in!

This is going to be so AWESOME! >o< I can't wait to play!

I want my alpha key XD. My account name is Arknei

Super excited about this!


I should be at $15 now. but idk D:

Keep up the amazing work!



Team Player














Early Access (Beta)


Basic Access


Basic Access


Early Access (Beta)






Early Access (Beta)








Lore Lover







Early Access (Beta)




Early Access (Beta)














Early Access (Beta)




Basic Access








Basic Access











Early Access (Beta)



Early Access (Beta)


Early Access (Beta)




Basic Access



Early Access (Alpha)