When will the game be released?

  • The game doesn't have a set date for release yet.
  • The game is currently in closed alpha and should be moving into open beta sometime next year. However since all of the developers are just volunteering at present, various life issues can delay the release. Therefore the release date cannot be predetermined.


Why can't I login to the game?

  • If you are unable to login to the game, be sure to check and make sure your internet is actually working. If it is, check to see if the server is indeed online.
  • If you are still unable to login, please private message an admin on the forum with a request for help with the issue.


How can I help with the project? Can I join the team?

  • We are not actively looking for new team members, but you can feel free to let us know if you have a skill to offer the team.
  • Be sure to provide samples of work for the position you are applying to. Please provide samples that showcase the best of your abilities.


How can I join the closed alpha?

  • The closed alpha is open to all of the following: people who donate at least $40, people who donated during our fundraising campaign, people who regularly contribute to the community.
  • Additionally the game is open to everyone on Friday and Saturday.


What if CyberConnect2 decides to shut this down?

  • One of the most frequent questions we are asked falls along these lines - warnings that we will get shut down, that this project is illegal, and that CyberConnect2 can end this project. We would like to make clear that this game is not .hack - although insipired by the .hack universe, TheWorld is a unique game with inspiration drawn from the media series. All story elements, artwork, and names will be legally distinct at the time of release, while staying true to the theme and atmosphere of the series.
  • It should also be noted that CyberConnect2 and Bandai Namco are aware of .hack fan projects, and likely of Iridium. Since 2005, there has been no legal action taken against any similar projects, and some of the projects have even had direct contact with Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2.
  • The legal steps the team is taking to ensure the project's success include but are not limited to the above. For more information or additional legal questions please contact one of the staff members directly.