Visceral action combat, hack-and-slash your way through your enemies.


Centered in a massively interactable, mutable world, that opens up emergent gameplay and story.

Virtual Reality

Become immersed in a first person fantasy world with the Oculus Rift, and Emotiv Epoc.

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Update (5/20/2015) - [TheWorld] Client - 2.0.7

Networking, Combat, & New Models
Enhancements to melee combat, all weapons have had their hit boxes manually tweaked, with some weapons getting secondary, and tertiary hitboxes to ensure that attacks connect when they should. This is in addition to improvements to the weapons collision detection code, which together with the improved hitboxes should eliminate non-connecting attacks.
Exp output has been tweaked to distribute the correct amount of exp at all levels. New weapon effects have been added, as well as fixes for some monster glitches.

On the networking side of things, movement & animation data has been compressed, and is only being sent when needed. Which means, less choppy movement, and more smooth results. There's still much more to be done before we have completely smooth results, but this puts us a lot closer towards that end.

In the last "So the story goes.." we mentioned that some of Taylor's new models would be in this update. You can find the new field models in "Bursting Eternal Hypha".


In the next update, we'll begin working on implementing the bank, so you'll have a place to store all your loot soon. In addition to more improvements to networking/combat.